Mitch soon countered Harrys statement, “Thats so boring

Mitch soon countered Harrys statement, “Thats so boring

” He simply stated. Soon after, you hear another deep voice that you couldnt recognize enforcine what Mitch said. “I agree with him. Ever since you started settling down, youve become so boring. What happened to the Styles who had girls lined up every stop of the tour?”

You frowned, Harry had mentioned his previous girlfriends, but had failed to mention anything about the string of one night stands that were apparently on his record. Youd met him when he was freshly 20 years old, and he was the first person youd ever pursued a real relationship with.

“Bro, remember Lani?” Jeff says out of nowhere. You hear Mitch laugh before replying, “How could I forget?” Another one of the many boys in the room speaks out, “Whos Lani?”

Youre wondering the same thing. So many topics Harry had never spoken to you about were all of a sudden being addressed.

“Not$_86.JPG now, Jeff” Harry urgently cuts him off, as if he doesnt want you to hear. You feel your heart beating faster and you start overthinking. Who was Lani? Did she and Harry have some sort of history?

“The point is, there are so many hot girls out there Harry. I dont know how you have the power to just reject all of them.”

You have an awards show, are you just gonna stare at her this time or are you gonna make a move?

You were expecting him to stick up for you, to give a response about how he was in a committed relationship with you, about how he had enough respect and decency not to cheat on you.

You had never been the most secure person when it came to the way you were, you always worried you were being too clingy, or that you werent enough for your friends or the people close to You. With Harry, those feelings couldnt help but be elevated due to his status and the number of girls who were willing to throw themselves at him. Regardless of your many insecurities, Harry had always assured you there was nothing to worry about, so how come you were feeling uneasy now?

A voice you think is Adam speaks up, “You know what next week is. ” He questions. You balance yourself on the wall next to the door and brace your ear up closely.

“Y/n isnt going to be there, right?” Harry inquires cautiously. Your eyes begin to burn as you cover your mouth with your hands to prevent any noise from emitting and giving you away. It felt as if everything you had worked towards with him was all of a sudden torn down, as if you didnt mean anything to him this entire time.

“Of course she isnt, shell probably be studying for some exam or writing you a fucking letter with how obsessed she is.”

A cruel laughter is emitted from the person who says it, you can feel your self confidence, or whatever is left of it, crumbling along with the small speck of pride you had remaining.

“I just might slip her a hotel key right before my performance then.” Harry lets out a laugh after, the menacing vibration escaping his throat. It was ridiculous to you how he was laughing about completely destroying you, while you stood leaning against the door and barely holding onto your composure. Softly weeping into the safety of your clasped hands, you felt a numbing ache in your chest.

But instead, he replied with an all too plain

Harry had always told you he was proud of you for doing what you loved, that he was happy to call you his and show you off. The words he was uttering with his friends tonight were completely contradicting his words to you. You questioned everything he had ever said to you. Was he really planning on cheating on you with a model? Did he really think you wouldnt find out.