4 Signs A Married Man Likes You More Than A Friend And What To Do About It

4 Signs A Married Man Likes You More Than A Friend And What To Do About It

There has been a constant argument about whether or not men and women can really be friends. Up until today, there hasn’t been one unanimous decision. There have been many instances where married men become friends with women, regardless of their status. When somebody’s wife is amicable with a man’s friendship and even feels safe being in it, there are typically very few issues. Friendships should be available for any two individuals, man or woman. However, certain circumstances are required for these friendships to begin, often when the situation gets complicated. In most of these situations, one might not even be conscious that he has already developed feelings for the other.

If you are a woman who is friends with a married man, you may view him as any of your other friends. If, for some reason, you start to question your friends and wonder if there may be something more going on his end, ask yourself whether you see that there may be any signs of attraction.

Just as long as they are in a platonic relationship, there seem to have no complications or problems that arise

It can be very difficult to distinguish between attraction and friendship since both have many similar features. Friends are comfortable with one another, open and honest, and are people you can share your deepest emotions and struggles with. They are people you enjoy spending time with and make an effort to be around because you enjoy each other’s company.

Attraction tends to exhibit all of the qualities above, but with the additional feature of romantic emotions. When a man is physically attracted to you, you may notice a lot more touching involved. There’s an element of intimacy (this does not mean sex, but simply in the way he interacts with you). You ily life come up less in conversation, or there start to be more complaints about married life (he’s making it open and clear about any unhappiness in his personal life).

You understand and respect that he is in a committed relationship, and even if he weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be romantically interested in him anyway

It’s not your fault if you don’t see the signs that your married male friend has started to like you as more than a friend. However, if you have an inkling that he may have some feelings for you that go further than the platonic nature, it may be time for you and your friend to have a discussion to ensure there are no miscommunications. This would also be a good time to start exploring where you can go from that point forward to decide on whether the https://besthookupwebsites.org/planetromeo-review/ friendship can continue or if the dynamic needs to change in some way, or if maybe, it’s time to move on from one another entirely.

Initially, this may seem a bit silly, since you’re good friends and good friends should always make time for one another. There’s a very subtle difference between making time for your friends and making time for someone you’re interested in more than just a platonic nature. When you’re friends, your priorities revolve around your biggest commitments. For a ily and his work. Friends are an important part of everyone’s lives, but they become a luxury once you’re married and share your life with another person.

If your ily engagements or thinking of you first over his family, it may indicate that he has feelings for you. When you see that he’s looking for more reasons to be around you instead of spending time with his wife and family, that shows that you’re becoming more of a priority, which should be cause for concern towards your friendship.