Do swingers even know this app exists?

Do swingers even know this app exists?

Sometimes Tom and I like to use swinger dating services. Not together of course! Anyway, that’s how we came across this site. For those unfamiliar with the screenshot below, Mixxxer dating japanese women is a mobile swinger site and dating app.

It operates with one primary objective in mind, to help you have some casual adult-ish fun. You are supposed to be able to use your phone to find local swingers and sex partners, but does it work?

I checked it out for myself to see if it was legit, or just another fake dating service that floods the market. It started out as a good sextexting app, but I was immediately skeptical for a few reasons.

Mixxxer App Review: Find Out If I Met Local Swingers

For starters, they claim that it’s free to join the fun. A lot of sites claim to be free but they are not. I investigated further and did not like what I found. Check out all the details and you will see why I would not recommend this app.

The main page is eye catching with a professional and attractive look. You can begin the registration process by entering your birth date, country, e-mail address, and password. If you are on your computer, you must enter the site on your mobile device from here.

I joined and started looking around and found evidence of fake profiles. They call them Mixxxer Entertainers. This is just another name for profiles that are fabricated by the site and fake messages that are sent from those profiles. Some sites call them Online Cupids while others call them Fantasy Cuties, but they are all the same thing. An excuse for them to fill the site with false profiles to lure you into paying for the service.

That’s correct. It is a pay service. It’s not free as they claim when you first sign in. You must pay a monthly membership before you can interact with members and use all the app’s features. The cost isn’t that bad at $7.99 a month, but it might as well be a dollar. No matter how cheap it is, it doesn’t get you any real connections with swingers. You can save a little money when you purchase a 3-month membership for $.

It’s sad that they have to resort to these fraudulent tactics because it would not be a bad app if it was genuine. There is a section that shows which members are in your vicinity. There is also a Blackbook (not to be confused with Fuckbook) where you can store profiles that you like and come back to view them and possibly write to them later. There is also a section that allows you to see who viewed you.

Apps like this have a decent design, but they are created to take your money because the competition is so stiff in online dating. It’s hard to get a successful online dating service off the ground. They would rather set up an app that is outright fraudulent and try to make you believe that you can use their app to hook up so you will pay their monthly charge.

Mixxxer showed promise, but it ultimately let me down with the same old scamming tactics that I have seen time and time again in dating online. It claims to be free to use, but it’s not. They create a bunch of fake profiles to fool you and call it Mixxxer Entertainers.

If a website or adult dating app tells you that they create false profiles and contact you for your entertainment, you should discontinue your membership immediately. They cannot be trusted and you will never know if you are communicating with a real person. I hope you don’t spend any money before you realize that this app is not genuine.

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